At Comfy Creatures we offer many specialist services. You can check out more of our services by clicking on the links or download the price list below.

  • Free Meet & Greet

    Not all pets appreciate the same thing and it’s important that we tailor visits to suit your pet. I would like to meet you and your pets at a suitable time before pet minding begins, giving you the opportunity to make sure everything is done just the way your pets like it. Travel only charged if you live beyond the 100km zone, round town is free.

  • Pet Minding

    When caring for your pets in the comfort of their own home I follow your pets normal routine as much as possible to minimise disruption to them while you are away. A typical pet minding visit involves checking your home, collecting the mail, cleaning the pet’s bowls, giving fresh food and water, changing cat litter or cleaning the back yard, playing and cuddles. Longer visits can also include a good walk around the neighbourhood. Every visit includes a thorough check over to ensure they are happy, healthy and loved. I am a qualified Veterinary Nurse so will pick up on ill-health and can give any medication if required.

  • Dog Walking / Exercising Pets

    This service is good for dogs that are getting the pet minding service, busy people or elderly/unwell people who are unable to walk their dog. It’s also great for dogs that get bored or anxious during the day and who suffer from separation anxiety. Dogs may show they are bored or anxious by exhibiting a range of behaviours such as barking, digging, destroying things or escaping from the property. I visit and walk your dog from home or put them in the car and take them to a local beach or park. Dog walks can be daily, regular or a one off booking. Dogs can be on or off the lead depending on their responsiveness and how well socialised they are. I offer 30 minute or 60 minute dog walks. You can choose to have your dog walked once a day or multiple times a day. I can also exercise ponies and horses etc.

  • Play Dates

    If you’re heading out for the day, why not drop your pet off with Comfy Creatures and let them have an enjoyable day with Michelle and other boarding dogs. Times for drop off and pick up to suit your plans, bookings essential!

  • Pet Health Care / Grooming

    Find it hard to give worm tablets, de-flea, bath, brush, clean ears or clip your pet’s nails? I am able to do this in the comfort of your home.

  • Transport Service / Vet Visits

    I can pick up and deliver your pets to the Groomers, Veterinary Clinic or any other place they need to go. I can also act as their guardian if you are unable to take them to the Vet. I will give your pet reassurance while at the clinic and accurately report back any of the Vet’s findings.

  • Automatic Pet Feeders

    An automatic pet feeder is a time delayed, covered bowl with two separate compartments that open at the times you choose to feed your pet. This is a great option if you are only going away for a short time, or would only like one visit a day for your pet, with the benefit of two meals. Automatic pet feeders can also be hired without the need for other services.

  • House / Farm Care

    Optional services include watering plants and gardens, putting rubbish bins out and bringing them in, opening and closing curtains and turning lights on and off to give your home a lived in look. Specific farm duties as requested. If there is anything else that needs doing, please ask as I am happy to help.

  • Overnight Stays

    I will sleep overnight at your house to help keep your pets routine as normal as if you were there. Some people are more concerned about their pets being alone and their houses unattended at night. This is an ideal solution for animals that are not in the best health, as they are likely to be happier in their own home and you will have peace of mind knowing your pets are in the care of a qualified veterinary nurse. A typical stay is from 5 or 6pm – 7 or 8am.


Comfy Creatures Price List